Congratulations to our November Athlete of the Month, Joe Peeden!

  If you know Joe, you know that he is one of the hardest working, committed, kid loving, encouraging, fun guys in the gym!  Joe is always up for a competition whether it be Challenging the Leaderboard in a variety of slots, signing up for a competition or filling in at the last minute for someone who couldn’t make it.  And his affinity for friendly competition is contagious. Joe is a RTCF team player for sure. Haha, Joe has this amazing talent of letting you know what he is gunning for or what he has accomplished in one of the most non-abrasive and easy going ways.  Everybody loves Joe. It’s pretty simple….Joe is good at what Joe does.  But he works hard for it! He crushes it every time he’s in the gym. He is at every function we have and we love it when he brings his wife, Alex along with him. Joe we love having you as part of the Rocky Top community!   #rtcfaom


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