Laura Stiffler!


Congratulations to our January Athlete of the Month, Laura Stiffler!

Laura has come very far in her time at Rocky Top. She began in Starting Block classes and segued into regular classes improving her movement and confidence in the process. She dedicates time to getting in the gym even while taking care of three kids and a husband (jk Walter). She greets all with a smile and makes each class a positive experience. She constantly makes sure that everyone in class feels welcomed by encouraging them and striking up a conversation if they are new. She has grown significantly as an athlete and always pushes herself really hard and appropriately scales workouts to her skill level! Laura has had so much going on outside of the gym. She still manages to come in and get a workout. She’s constantly putting others in front of herself to the point of exhaustion. She has overcome fear of injuring herself, and does not let her scoliosis hold her back. She and Walter both deserve a ton of praise for all they have dealt with, while still remaining positive and strong members of the RTCF community. She is extremely personable and as a coach, easy to work with. As an athlete, she not only works on exercise, but on her nutrition as well (which we all know is the foundation of fitness). Yay Laura!


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