About the Facility


Located at 1412 N. 6th Ave, RTCF is a 19,000+ sq. ft. facility. We have multiple workout spaces including 3 rigs, a 36' x 36' open workout mat, a 20' x 20' mobility area, and over 2400 sq. ft. dedicated to our in house Olympic Lifting program, Rocky Top Weightlifting, with 11 platforms. We have 10 Concept2 rowers, 10 Rogue Echo bikes,  4 Concept2 Ski Ergs and 4 Assault Air Runners. We have a lounge area, a child care room, 2 bathrooms and 2 shower/dressing rooms. We offer supervised child care at select classes throughout the week.

We are proud of our home!  Come by and check it out!


The Trainers


Other Staff


David & Deb Ragland

We are a family owned and family operated gym for sure. We've been married 32 years and raised 5 great kids.

You'll see Jake & Olivia and Callie listed among the trainers above. Jon and Jamie are there most everyday working out. We're still working on getting our oldest, Josh, in the door. We have 5 grand babies and hope they keep them coming!

You'll get to know Georgia, Josie, Beau, Indy and Seth if you don't know them already.

We have always been an active family and staying healthy and fit has always been important to us.

David's primary job is President of the National Christian Foundation of East TN (NCF). Deb's, now that the kids are grown, is running the gym. So why buy a gym now? Because at this stage of our lives there's no pressure. It's been about providing a quality gym for some really great people. And we are having a blast! We love meeting everyone that walks through the door and really hope we can help them find a home with us. And don't worry, we do have a background in the field and lots of life experience to bring to it, so you'll be in good hands. (Deb is actually a CF-L1 and former Personal Trainer and Group X instructor)