About the Facility


Located at 1412 N. 6th Ave, RTCF is a 19,000+ sq. ft. facility. We have multiple workout spaces including 3 rigs, a 36' x 36' open workout mat, a 20' x 20' mobility area, and over 2400 sq. ft. dedicated to our in house Olympic Lifting program, Rocky Top Weightlifting, with 11 platforms. We have 10 Concept2 rowers, 10 Rogue Echo bikes,  4 Concept2 Ski Ergs and 4 Assault Air Runners. We have a lounge area, a child care room, 2 bathrooms and 2 shower/dressing rooms. We offer supervised child care at select classes throughout the week.

We are proud of our home!  Come by and check it out!

The Trainers



crossfit level 1, trainer

I grew up in Knoxville, and have settled down with my wife(Olivia) and three children(Georgia, Josie, and Beau) in Fountain City. Growing up I stayed active by playing soccer.
As a coach I enjoy encouraging athletes to be intentional with their movements and class time. Nothing is better than coaching an athlete to success, and I get to do that almost every day. I'm a very detail, and task, oriented person so you'll often see me taking care of different projects around the gym.

My day job is working for TivaWater, a non-profit that distributes bio-sand water filters in third world countries. It's very rewarding, but coaching at Rocky Top and working with my family gives me a local way to engage the community.




My husband Jake and I started doing Crossfit in 2014. We live in Fountain City with our three children; Georgia, Josie, and Beau. Growing up I did ballet for fifteen years. It taught me about anatomy, mobility, body positioning, and so much more! When that chapter of my life ended I began looking for a physical and creative outlet. Crossfit fit the bill, and has challenged me in all new ways. I have LOVED the journey and intend to make it a life long one. Cooking is also an integral part of my life. It gives me a creative outlet and works perfectly for me to provide great nutrition for our whole family.
As a coach I use that eye for body positioning to customize the Crossfit experience for each athlete. After becoming a coach at Rocky Top I realized I have a huge heart for the "beginner" athlete. I designed our Elements program so that each athlete has the knowledge and confidence to come in and make the most of their hour with us. Working with family has been incredible. Our goal is to make sure everyone feels welcome and known.



crossfit level 2, trainer & USA Weightlifting Level 2

I have been coaching and personal training since 2013 both in Charleston, SC and Knoxville. I have worked with people from 13 years old to almost 90 years old. I pride myself on being able to adapt to anyone, and do not believe there is only one path to being healthy and fit. I believe in the long game with fitness. Whatever is going to create the most consistency and enjoyment is the best route to achieve fitness goals. I’ve been lucky to work for multiple gym owners who were extremely knowledgeable, and I continue to expand my knowledge through certifications, talking with pros in the field, listening to member feed back, and of course using my own experiences in exercise. My goal is to find what works best for the individual, not to press mine or anyone else’s fitness habits. I’m lucky to do what I truly love, and I want those who I coach/train to feel that I am invested in what is best for them.



crossfit level 1, trainer

Jordan became a crossfit coach in 2015 after years of dedication and consistent pursuit of health, strength and happiness. He is a proud father of a beautiful, healthy, happy daughter who gets her best qualities from his loving wife.

Jordan understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to achieve personal as well as professional goals. He is always eager to support goals, whether crossfit related or not. He is highly focused on technique, pace and control and inspired by the hard work of peers, classmates and competitors.



crossfit level 1, trainer

Emily is a Morristown native. After having gone through the “freshman 15”, she quickly realized the importance of health and moved to Knoxville to learn more about eating right. She earned her degree in Nutrition from UT, while experimenting with various exercise trends at the same time. In 2015, Emily and her husband Jackson were introduced to Crossfit by their long time good friends, Jordan (RTCF coach) and Laura Simmons. After attending a few Saturday community WODS, they were hooked and haven’t turned back since.

In 2017, Emily earned her Crossfit L-1 certification and was welcomed to the Rocky top Crossfit staff. Her favorite movements are cleans, kettle bell swings, and pull ups. Emily is a Kindergarten teacher, loves crafting, biking, and cooking. She and her husband expect their first child in November (2018), and are having fun learning how pregnancy and crossfit coincide.

Alex (1 of 1).jpg


Born and raised in sunny Southern California I found CrossFit after years of trying to force a relationship with commercial gyms. However, as my strength increased I became interested in the specialization of weightlifting and eventually started training at an Olympic Weightlifting gym full time.

From 2016-2018 I strictly trained weightlifting six days a week (often two times per day), lifted some serious weight, and qualified and competed in numerous National meets. With the demand that CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting put on my body nutrition quickly became a priority of mine. Not only did I need to make sure I stayed within my weight class, but that I was using my food as a fuel and recovery source. Tracking my macros for performance helped me understand the currency and value of food and became a game changer in my journey with fitness. While I haven’t hung up my Olympic Weightlifting hat just yet, since joining Rocky Top added CrossFit back on my training schedule and have been loving it!

Catch me on the weightlifting platform and at the 4:30pm class!



crossfit level 1, trainer

I was born and raised here in Knoxville and now live in Corryton with my husband, Landon. I have been a part of Rocky Top CrossFit since the day it opened in 2014! I grew up swimming, running, and trying to keep up with my brothers in various activities; I quickly fell in love with CrossFit because of the community and the constant challenge that it provides.

I love how CrossFit encourages everyone, no matter what skill level, to learn and push themselves, all while growing together with other athletes. Landon and I love the community aspect of the gym, and we’re so excited to continue watching it grow. We’re expecting our first child (a girl!) in January 2019, and it’s been really wonderful to learn about how CrossFit can continue (and help) through various stages of pregnancy.



crossfit level 1, trainer

I have been doing Crossfit since 2014, when I made the leap from Bro Lifting and I have never looked back. I have served honorably in the military and have traveled the world and because of that I have been able to drop into some of the coolest CrossFit gyms worldwide.

I was born in Anchorage, AK and grew up between there and Destin, FL. However I claim the title King of the North. I am currently studying Political Science and International Affairs at the University of Tennessee. In my spare time I like doing CrossFit and nerding out about all things HALO or Star Wars and hanging out with my BRO Jon Ragland.



crossfit level 1, trainer

Austin began CrossFit in 2015 at Rocky Top CrossFit. After a few weeks of training, he began to love the friendships, community, and personal-level training that CrossFit offered more than the work outs themselves. The last three years of CrossFit have allowed him to become more physically fit than at any other time in his life. Austin, and his wife Kayla, have three children: Malacai, Will and Sofia. You will often see their kids running around the gym, laughing and being part of the community.

His favorite movements in a WOD are snatches, hand-stand push ups and pistol squats. He has his L-1 Certificate, is passionate about nutrition and its place within CrossFit and is excited to work with you as you seek to achieve your health and fitness goals!



crossfit level 1, trainer

I grew up on a farm in West Tennessee riding horses and competing in barrel races which naturally folded into a high school and college career of band nerd. Haha! Once I obtained my Bachelors of Science in forensic chemistry, I moved to Knoxville and began working for a state agency in a forensics lab. My love for CrossFit and lifting weights began in 2012 as an overweight 25 year old who could barely climb a flight of stairs when I vowed that I would make some changes.

I began surprising myself with things I never thought would be possible like a pull-up or honestly even completing a workout with single unders. The rest is history as they say. I decided I wanted to help people experience their own version of what I had. I began shadowing CrossFit classes and then became CrossFit L1 certified about 3 years ago. In all of that time, I have dappled in many aspects of gym life from competing with teams and solo in local CrossFit competitions, lifted in Olympic weight lifting meets, and most recently, a USPA powerlifting meet in which I set the state record for my weight class.




Hey, I’m Eric Rees. I’ve been doing Crossfit since my Freshman year in college, when my buddy Baker ran down to the gym and said, “we gotta try this stuff out.” I fell in love and a while later I got my Level 1 and started coaching. I am now obtaining my Master’s degree in Accounting at UT. Outside of crossfit, I enjoy road biking, wood working, and spending time with my future wife.

I believe in the work I do because of 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, glorify God with your body and your spirit.”

Gabe (1 of 1)-2.jpg


NCSF nationally certified, NCCPT certified, TRX certified, DOT Nutrition certified, and specializes in boxing training.

Full time personal training.


 David & Deb Ragland


We are a family owned and family operated gym for sure. We've been married 32 years and raised 5 great kids.
You'll see Jake & Olivia and Callie listed among the trainers above. Jon and Jamie are there most everyday working out. We're still working on getting our oldest, Josh, in the door. We have 5 grand babies and hope they keep them coming!
You'll get to know Georgia, Josie, Beau, Indy and Seth if you don't know them already.
We have always been an active family and staying healthy and fit has always been important to us.

David's primary job is President of the National Christian Foundation of East TN (NCF). Deb's, now that the kids are grown, is running the gym. So why buy a gym now? Because at this stage of our lives there's no pressure. It's been about providing a quality gym for some really great people. And we are having a blast! We love meeting everyone that walks through the door and really hope we can help them find a home with us. And don't worry, we do have a background in the field and lots of life experience to bring to it, so you'll be in good hands. (Deb is actually a CF-L1 and former Personal Trainer and Group X instructor)