Blur the distinction between strength training and metabolic conditioning, for the simple reason that nature’s challenges are typically blind to the distinction.
— Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit

We know that picking the right gym is an important decision. At Rocky Top CrossFit we have a straight-to-the-point unlimited monthly membership. Our membership is one size fits all for unlimited gym use. We want you to feel comfortable coming to any class, any time, on any day that works for you.




Proper form and safe progressions are just as important as feeling welcome and having fun. Our group classes are designed to take you from warm-up through cool-down and challenge you the whole time. You will meet new people and the skills and confidence you gain will enrich all aspects of your life.

We have classes to fit your schedule from Monday through Saturday.



We understand everyone's schedules can be different and for that reason we offer open gym times throughout the day from Monday through Saturday.

For the more experienced athlete or those with time constraints, you can still get your training in on your own schedule!


Current Programs


elements course

This Elements course is for someone who is just giving CrossFit a try but isn't sure yet, the CrossFit beginner who wants to get more comfortable before going into a larger class, and the experienced person who wants more work on certain movements. Our Elements course features 6 classes each with a specific skill focus:

  • Gymnastic Movements

  • Intensity

  • Cleans and Snatches

  • Presses

  • Deadlifts

  • Squats


Group Classes -

Whereas our competitive training programs are geared towards performance in the Open, Regionals, and beyond, CompTrain Class is directed towards the true goal of CrossFit: To improve our quality of life outside the gym. It is not only an effort to lose body fat and maintain lean muscle-mass, but the ability to play pickup basketball with our grandchildren someday. The goal is improving fitness on a slow trajectory towards a distant horizon.

Competitive Athletes -

Ben Bergeron created CompTrain to help athletes train and compete in the sport of CrossFit®. Free, daily programming designed to maximize Open and Regional performances.

- Courtesy.




Friends & Family class

Trying to get that friend to see what it’s all about? Drop in for a FREE friends & family class!



At Rocky Top we understand there is not a one-size fits all for nutrition; It's individual. Understanding nutrition is the key to everything inside and outside of the gym, so we want to provide the best option for every individual.

We have partnered with Isagenix to offer tailored options for all of our members.


personal training

Personal training with Gabe Heredia, Olivia Ragland and Lars-Erik Carlson available!