Jessica Evans!


Congratulations to our December Athlete of the Month, Jessica Evans!

 As we start to feel the spirit of Christmas, it seems appropriate that Jessica is our AOM this month. She embodies what we hope is or at least becomes the spirit of RTCF. She is warm, she is welcoming, she will never let a new person stand alone, she is giving, she is hospitable, she is kind and she is fun! Jessica was the first to graduate from our new Elements course, took part in the Team Series shortly after and hasn't slowed down since!  She has consistently worked hard, focusing on learning the movements and improving and has had a great attitude along the way!  One of the most endearing things about Jessica is how well she loves people!  She will always seek out new athletes, help them, encourage them and make them feel welcomed and at home.  Jessica, thank you!  You are an amazing part of the RTCF community inside and outside of the gym!  #rtcfaom


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