Rocky Top CrossFit has partnered with Isagenix as one of our tailored options for our members.


Why Isagenix?

It is…. Simple. Effective. Sustainable. For…  

Weight Loss

Vitality + Wellbeing


Ultimately, You have to pick something. You have to trust something. We’ve chosen this because of our personal experience and an abundance of testimonies. 


It is great for losing weight, it’s great for maintaining healthy weight, it’s great for building lean muscle, it’s great for nutrition. You WILL see results. The shakes and bars and snacks taste good. It’s not about denying yourself. It’s about taking care of yourself. This nutrition is packed with superfoods but you still eat “real” food. 

What are your goals?

What is keeping you from accomplishing your goals? Whatever you are doing now, ask yourself, “How is this working for me?” If the answer is, “Not what I want it to do, then adjust if need be. We want you where you are seeing results! It is ALL about the nutrition that we put into our bodies. It is amazing how our bodies respond to great nutrition.

Isagenix is for those of you who...

Want great nutrition with ease and convenience… Want to lose weight while maintaining or building lean muscle… Or those who want to build lean muscle from where you are.

*We know you care about what you’re putting into your body. Rest assured that Isagenix does, too. The Isagenix no-compromise ingredient policy is extensive, thorough, and is set up to ensure that the products are made in accordance with the best possible practices and are sourced from suppliers that meet our sustainable sourcing standards.