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Train and compete as a team, enhance your performance in all sports, and become the strongest version of yourself. We put a large emphasis on the importance of quality repetitions over quantity of weight. With coaches that have trained alongside high level competitors, under national and international level coaches, we have great confidence in our ability to develop you into an extraordinary athlete. Alongside our vast coaching experience, we have a coach that is a certified StrongFit Movement Specialist. We set goals and then crush them as a team, and we want you to be a part of it.


Our coaches




David began his lifting career 3 years ago after having done CrossFit for 2 years. He began training with Wes Kitts who helped him fall in love with the sport but after Wes left Knoxville David eventually developed his own form of coaching. David spent a long time researching and learning Olympic Weightlifting writing programming for himself that led him to qualify for multiple national meets.

David prides himself in his ability to write high quality programming and develop great technique, as well as his ability to help athletes with injury, both prehab and rehab. David trained under the eyes of Jim Schmitz for a short while, a USAW coach that has coached multiple Olympians.

Years later, David, has helped multiple athletes qualify for national meets through the same methods he used to help himself reach those goals. Though he is young, he is very knowledgeable and experienced in the sports of Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit. Having both his CFL1 and USAW L1, David loves to teach, instruct, and help athletes whenever he can




Matt found his passion for Olympic Weightlifting after finding CrossFit to help get him in shape for a mud run.  Since his first trip to the MDUSA facility, he has never looked back. 

Matt has completed Pendlay Level 1&2 seminars with Glenn Pendlay, Supertotal Certification with Chris Duffin, Oly Concepts Seminar with Danny Camargo, Seminar and Coaches Week with Julien Pineau, USA-W L1 with Steve Foster, Coaches Internship with Bob Takano, and Advanced Movement Camp at Olympic Training Site ETSU with Satoshi Mizuguchi.

Matt suffered a severe spinal injury several years ago and is still on the road to recovery.  However, this “Gift of Injury” has fueled his desire to learn more, so that others might learn from his mistakes.  Not surprisingly, his top concern is the well-being of the athletes.  Having an education in Chemistry and Neuroscience, Matt believes in a scientific approach to Weightlifting training, and emphasizes correct movement patterns.

He feels that Weightlifting is underrepresented in the state of Tennessee, and is looking to share his knowledge of the sport with newcomers and veterans alike.  Though his emphasis is on training a substance-free, injury-free Weightlifting team for competition, he also enjoys working with athletes for sports performance, and youth for athletic and mental development.




We meet on Tuesday’s and Thurday’s at 6:30pm and Saturday’s at 10:00am. Drop in and introduce yourself we look forward to meeting you!


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