Connor Abdolhosseinzadehkuchesafahani


Congratulations to our May AOM Connor Abdolhosseinzadehkuchesafahani, the guy with the longest last name in history!  Connor has been working his butt off around the gym this last month! 

He has set some lofty goals and has set out to achieve them.  If you know Connor, the goal is “100%”! You may have seen him sitting on the rower for hours outside the bay door, that is because he intends to accomplish a literal Marathon Row (42,000m).  Hopefully he’ll do that here when he gets back! Cheer him on if you see him!

He has recognized the importance of his nutrition and has worked hard with Alex on counting his macros and eating well to help move him toward his goals.  Connor has been putting in a lot of two a days in the last couple of weeks, getting up early for the 5:30am class and heading back in the afternoons for more.  In addition to all the work, Connor is a servant as well.  He is always willing to help out in any way he can and spent almost the entire Weightlifting meet a few weeks ago outside running the grill and he is a definite staple around the gym. 

Connor, you are appreciated! And congratulations on the title Athlete of the Month! You’ve earned it!  #rtcfaom

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